Nepalese Children 

 Nepalese Children 

Nepalese Women in Community




Context & Challenges




  Proper coordination among NGOs and government agencies to implement the programs aimed crucial issues such as sustainable development, environment protection, women empowerment and protection of child rights

-         Lack of funding among the NGOs which are willing to support the government in such issues

-         Trend of NGOs intending to concentrate in urban areas rather than rural areas where most needy people are residing and impact of degradation of environment is very high

-         Lack of skilled human resources and absence of opportunities training and international exposure to the available NGO workers to hone their skills

-         Deforestation, landslides, glacier melting due to climate change, uneven development opportunities, lack of education and other opportunities to the under-privileged communities, lack of farm technology to boost agriculture output to ensure food security, haphazard use of fertile land for human settlement, increase exodus of youth for foreign employment leaving fertile land uncultivated are the major challenges facing Nepal